Harriet Lee-Merrion
Award winning Bristol based illustrator.


Illustrations representing the different stages of the female monthly menstrual cycle for organic skin care company Basho.


Phase 1 | Menstruation | days 1 to 5

‘Bleeding begins. Sometimes this is the only part of the cycle which we pay attention to. It may be disruptive and painful, subduing our mood and energy.’


Phase 2 | Follicular | days 5 to 14

‘After our period has stopped, oestrogen begins to rise. It is our female hormone and regulates our skins moisture, pigmentation and plumpness. With its rise, we feel more outgoing, creative and desirable.’ 


Phase 3 | Ovulation & Luteum | days 14 to 21

‘Ovulation occurs. Skin will be at its healthiest, clearest and most radiant. With high levels of oestrogen in the body, skin will be functioning at its best, so you can effectively treat longer lasting issues such as ageing and sun damage.’


‘Phase 4 | Pre-menstrual | days 21 to 28’

‘Progesterone, testosterone, and testosterone derived hormone DHT, have been building through your body while oestrogen decreases. Even the slightest imbalance of these hormones will have an effect on our mood, emotions and skin.’